National Awards & Distinctions

Balfour Trophy


Distinguished Service to Music Medal

1973 – D.O. Wiley – Field of Fraternity Service
1995 – James Sudduth – Field of Concert Band
2001 – Keith Bearden – Field of Marching Band

NIB F. Lee Bowling Participation Award


William A. Scroggs Founder’s Trophy

1995 – 1997 Biennium

Bohumil Makovsky Memorial

1979 – D.O. Wiley

J. Lee Burke Student Achievement Award

2000 – Russell Hulme

Silver Baton Award

2000 – Michael Blass

D.O. Wiley Award



Chapter Awards

Paul T. Coe Outstanding Active Award

The first Best Active Award was given to Bob Peterman in the 1953 – 54 school year. The following year, Gerald Harris was Chosen as Best Active. Several years passed before the chapter decided to give the award on an annual basis. In 1988, the award was renamed the Paul T. Coe Memorial in memory of charter member Paul Coe who died in a Japanese POW camp in World War II.


Bob Peterman 1953-54 Gerald Harris 1954-55
Phil Anthony 1959-60 Reid Warner 1960-61
Don Cross 1961-62 Bill Williams 1963-64
Jim Grubbs 1965-66 Fred Schroeder 1966-67
Charlie Reinken 1967-68 Eldon Reynolds 1967-68
Keith Bearden 1968-69 David Bradshaw 1969-70
Tony Clines 1970-71 John Gibson 1971-72
Tom Sterrett 1972-73 Denny Wright 1973-74
Bobby Cosby 1974-75 Ricky Mitchell 1975-76
John Ledbetter 1976-77 David Rollins 1977 Fa
Don Roberts 1978 Sp Don Roberts 1978 Fa
Dennis Biggan 1978 Fa Jon Ince 1979 Sp
David Simpson 1979 Fa Mike Blass 1979 Fa
Gary Paquette 1980 Sp John McAllister 1980 Fa
Mike Blass 1981 Sp Andy Crowson 1981 Sp
Will Deaton 1981 Fa Will Deaton 1981 Sp
Jose Gonzales 1982 Fa Alan Harkey 1983 Sp
Russ Sanders 1983 Fa Mike Blass 1984 Sp
Joe Ellison Jr. 1984 Fa Richard Sanders 1985 Sp
Mark Heidle 1985 Sp Timothy S. Fogle 1985 Fa
Gene Williams 1986 Sp Gene Williams 1986 Fa
Joe Ellison Jr. 1987 Sp Wes Moore 1987 Sp
Mark Chambers 1987 Fa Mark Chambers 1988 Sp
Alberto Vega 1988 Sp Bernard Rosenberg 1988 Fa
Clark Brittin 1989 Sp Britt Gordon 1989 Fa
Mike Mcallister 1990 Sp Will Scott 1990 Fa
Matt Knight 1991 Sp Jeff Eldridge 1991 Fa
Brian Stewert 1992 Sp Ray Portillo Jr. 1992 Fa
Steve Makelki 1993 Sp Gary Burch 1993 Fa
Jason Parker 1994 Sp Alpha Omicron 1994 Fa
Brent Luna 1995 Sp Andy Easton 1995 Fa
Noel Kersh 1996 Sp Eric Luttrell 1996 Fa
Jimmy Ledbetter 1997 Sp Scott Carter 1997 Fa
Sergio Mendez 1998 Sp Jake Albin 1998 Fa
Kendall Wells 1999 Sp Colin Chichurka 1999 Fa
Russ Hulme 2000 Sp Matt Boening 2000 Fa
Tom Sepper 2001 Sp Ryan Rex 2001 Fa
Brian Bibb 2002 Sp Josh Shaw 2002 Fa
Mark Mason 2003 Sp Jason Darling 2003 Fa
Eric O’Brien 2004 Sp Chris Baumgartner 2004 Fa
Matthew Richards 2005 Sp Daniel Villanueva 2005 Sp
John Severe 2005 Fa N. Francis Flood 2006 Sp
David Biel 2006 Fa Ysidro Renteria 2007 Sp
James Maloy 2007 Fa Ryan Clift 2008 Sp
Kevin Duke 2008 Fa Michael Lawton 2009 Sp
Chris Brewer 2009 Fa Shane Bowles 2010 Fa


Heath Denton Outstanding Candidate Award

Recognizing the importance of membership education, Alpha Omicron presents a plaque to the best candidate of each candidate class. The idea first started in 1947, but was not carried out for several years. In 1960, the chapter decided that the award should be presented after each candidate class.

In the fall of 1994, Alpha Omicron suffered its worst tragedy in its 50 plus years of existence. For the first time, a brother died while still active as a member of the chapter. Brother Heath Denton was killed on October 29, 1994, hours after what was one of the biggest joys of the marching season, a victory in football over the University of Texas. Because of the closeness which the entire chapter experienced in order to survive this trauma, Alpha Omicron chose to recognize the entire chapter for the strength it displayed. Therefore, the entire chapter shared the Paul T. Coe Memorial Award for that semester.

In loving memory of Brother Denton, and to honor the legacy of brotherhood and service which he brought to Kappa Kappa Psi and the Tech Band, Alpha Omicron chose to honor that memory by renaming the best candidate award as The Heath Denton Memorial Outstanding Candidate Award.


Jack English 1947 Sp Gerald Hise 1947 Fa
Bill Reuss 1948 Sp Shelly Hudnall 1948 Fa
Gerald Harris 1949 Sp Freddy Jackson 1949 Fa
Jerry Julian 1951 Sp Ronald Harlan 1953 Sp
George Murphy 1953 Fa Dan Oarman 1954 Sp
Jerry Cunningham 1954 Fa Jimmy Snell 1955 Sp
Horten Struvey 1960 Fa no record 1961 Sp
Jim Cowan 1961 Fa Robert Patterson 1962 Sp
Barry Smith 1962 Fa Keith Thomas 1963 Sp
Jerry Starks 1963 Fa Stanley Borum 1964 Sp
Walt Newton 1964 Fa Ronny Shepperd 1965 Sp
Curtis Beaird 1965 Fa Mark Hamilton 1966 Sp
Bill Forbes 1966 Fa Charley Renken 1967 Sp
Dwain Redwine 1967 Fa Tone Clines 1968 Sp
no award 1968 Fa Weldon McCutchen 1969 Sp
Felix Hettler 1969 Fa Randy Whelan 1970 Sp
Michael Melcher 1970 Fa JL Pherigo 1971 Sp
Andy Chaves 1971 Fa Danny Norris 1972 Sp
Lonnie Kuss 1972 Fa no award 1973 Sp
David Rollins 1973 Fa Freddie Hardin 1974 Sp
Jerry Lane 1974 Fa Mark Haynie 1975 Sp
Jimmy Knisley 1975 Fa Don Roberts 1976 Sp
Greg Thompson 1976 Fa Rodney Parker 1977 Sp
John Hering 1978 Sp Scott Beard 1979 Sp
Jay Carlisle 1978 Sp Steve Malott 1980 Sp
Matt Gibson 1981 Sp Rodney Noble 1981 Fa
Mark Wells 1982 Sp Jim Winslow 1982 Fa
Will Ince 1983 Sp Wade Smith 1984 Sp
Patrick Betasso 1985 Sp Shannon Phillips 1986 Sp
James Amador 1987 Sp John Zalman IV 1988 Sp
Bryan Kemper 1989 Sp Mark Keene 1990 Sp
Trevor Thuet 1990 Sp Ray Portillo Jr. 1991 Sp
Gary Burch 1992 Sp Alan Miller 1993 Sp
Todd Daniels 1994 Sp Adam Morrow 1995 Sp
Jimmy Ledbetter 1996 Sp Colin Chichurka 1997 Sp
Kendall Wells 1998 Sp Ryan Rex 1999 Sp
Kris Word 2000 Sp Brian Bibb 2001 Sp
Josh Shaw 2002 Sp Jay Sedberry 2003 Sp
Chris Baumgartner 2004 Sp Ysidro Renteria 2005 Sp
Brandon Gross 2006 Sp Chris Riley 2007 Sp
Kurtis Gonzales 2008 Sp Travis Curry 2009 Sp